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Florida is an peninsula in the southeast of the USA and is over 170.304 square kilometres.


The most famous sights in florida are parks like the Everglades or the Dry Tortugas.

Space Camp Florida


The Space Camp Florida is a place were

Kids can go and try out to be a astronaut.

The kids can go in simulators, explorations or space walks and learn at playing. There it is a Milky Way Café and they can eat astronaut food!

My opinion:

If you ask me, it’s great for kids to go in space camp but they should learn there, too, shouldn’t they? In space camp you learn about space with simulations and good teachers, so the kids can understand all easier. Just remember, the kids have the chance to feel like a real astronaut and at last they meet new friends there. All in all, the kids can have only fun there, but if they want, it’s a great chance to find out different things about space.