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At the coast to the Atlantic Ocean in east of the USA.


George Washington’s place of birth.


In search of Colonial Virginia


In Colonial Virginia, the peoples had (like in other colonies) slaves.

In the 17th century in colonial America where slaves. The slaves worked on the plantations of their masters like “King Carter”. They must prepairing shoes, work on woods and made clothes. In big plantations where over 100 slaves on small farms the whole family worked with a few slaves. If the slaves didn’t work outside they worked in the house, they cook, clean and look at the children of their masters. In there free time they had little gardens and little room. The slaves where heating and become salt in there wounds. They had only simple clothes. Cause there life was horrible, they looked for chances to escape, some saved money, some runaway and some fought as soldiers. A few of them become free. So all in all the slaves live where horrible and the life of there masters easy.